Jan Staněk, born in 1952 in Prague,

Jan Staněk completed studies of theoretical physics, for 25 years has been teaching Mathematics at Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic). He finished his choir conducting studies in 2002 at Charles University, Faculty of Education. In 2007 Jan Staněk was introduced in publication Who is Who in Choral Singing.


1981–2004 Kvintus Liberec (student choir, Czech Repulic)

1992–2010 Bohemiachor (Czech Republic) – various international awards

since 1991 Happy Hours weekend choir (5 rehearsals/year, Switzerland)

since 1993 Ayangena weekend choir (5 rehearsals/year, Italy)

since 2003 Spektrum overtone choir (Prague, Czech Republic)

since 2010 Hlahol weekend choir (5 rehearsals/year, Austria)

Above stated chiors have been awarded numerous prices at various national and international competitions.

Other Activities:

Since 1993 Jan Staněk as a visiting conductor has been working with numerous choirs, especially in South Tyrol, Switzerland, Germany and Austria; he also works as a leader of regular workshops in Italy and Austria.

In German-speaking Europe Jan Staněk leads workshops on the following topics:

  • Harmonic overtone singing in choirs 
  • Spirituals and Gospels 
  • Voice Education in Choirs 
  • Czech Choir Production 
  • Ways to Beautiful Choral Sound

Significant Recent Workshops

2002–2007 International courses for teachers of music in Salzburg, Austria (Leo Rinderer Internationale Schulmusikwochen in Salzburg)

2003 Czech Choir Production, for congress of Austrian choral union (Öesterreichischer Sängerbund)

2004 On Harmonic Overtone Singing for University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (Institut Antonio Salieri der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien)

2005 Ways to Beautiful Choral Sound, for congress of German choral union (Deutscher Chorverband, Erfurt)

Since 2006 Lectures on harmonic overtone singing at various universities in the Czech Republic and abroad (Bayreuth, Liberec, Olomouc, Ostrava, Plzeň, Praha, Ústí nad Labem)

2010 On Overtone Singing and Choral Sound, Gellnhausen (Germany)